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Are You Missing Out On Calibration Revenue? Are There Risks In Avoiding Calibrations?

The Answer Is Likely YES.

  • Body Shop Business reports that the collision industry is missing 75% of the needed calibrations.

  • Most OEMs now require an ADAS calibration when a panel with a sensor is replaced. On ADAS-equipped vehicles, this is frequently the grill and both bumpers.

  • Liability exposure and customer complaints are only two of the potential pitfalls of leaving these uncalibrated.

  • Changes to thrust angles, steering angle sensor adjustment, or replacement often require calibration

  • ADAS On Call rates are well below insurance-approved rates for calibration, allowing for a markup in the service.

  • Subaru Dealers currently charge between $500-$700 for an ADAS calibration, VW can charge as much as $1200.

  • ADAS on Call rates are $175 for any Subaru or VW, and less for Ford and GM products. We are a mobile service and will work around your schedule. We do not require any shop space and are insured for all calibration liability including your property, and any vehicle we are calibrating - including dynamic (on the road) calibrations

  • We are insurance-approved, and certified. Our calibrations include Pre and post-calibration scans, required by most insurers 

  • If your shop needs information on the ADAS systems and OEM recommended and required calibrations, call or email us with the vehicle information and we will provide an up-to-date report from the OEM.

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