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Notes From The Owner.......

I have spent 20 years in, around, and under cars. Much of that was in aftermarket and independent service centers. 

A shop of any kind - auto glass, paint and body, or service center - is a special place for me.  I do not take lightly the trust and responsibility associated with the ADAS work on your customer's vehicle. We are committed, without exception, to your business your customer, and their vehicle. 

So many things can go wrong in a repair - incorrect parts and part numbers, difficult customers, insurance denials. An ADAS calibration shouldn't be one of them.

The success of my business is dependent on the success of yours. We work around your schedule and customize invoicing to suit your needs. Contact me directly at 803-814-4084, or

Very Sincerely

Travis Simpkins

Owner, ADAS On Call

Columbia SC


*In Addition to BOP Insurance ($500K), ADAS ON CALL does have a GarageKeepers policy that specifically includes calibration services performed at commercial and residential locations and indemnifies both your business and the customer. Insurance binder available on request. 

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