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ADAS - Advanced Driver Assist Systems

adas calibrations for safety

Okay, that doesn't tell us a lot. There are systems...related to assisting drivers....and they are advanced?


My grandfather used to tell me that if I couldn't tell him what something did in 30 seconds, either I didn't know, or it didn't really do anything.

Alright, Pop-Pop, how's this:


ADAS uses cameras, radar, sonar and even active night vision to identify things we don't see or can't anticipate in time. It sees something bad before it happens.


 It can warn a driver, and if that bad thing is happening RIGHT NOW, it can do something about it faster than green grass through a goose.

93% of 2024 model year vehicles will have some form of ADAS as standard equipment. As drivers become increasingly familiar with ADAS functions, they will become - are already becoming - dependent on them. Performing 95% from optimal, 95% of the time is not enough. Because somewhere in those last percentages, people get hurt - or worse.

Examples of ADAS..

advanced driver camera and radar

Essential safety-critical ADAS applications include:

  • Pedestrian detection/avoidance

  • Lane departure warning/correction

  • Traffic sign recognition

  • Automatic emergency braking

  • Blind spot detection

These lifesaving systems are key to the success of ADAS applications. They incorporate the latest interface standards and run multiple vision-based algorithms to support real-time multimedia, vision coprocessing, and sensor fusion subsystems.

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