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ADAS calibration of all system components.

  • Full Mobile Services

  • Calibrating RADAR, SONAR CAMERAS and LIDAR. All ADAS systems (AEB, LKAS, LKW, and any collision mitigation)

  • Specializing in services for collision, alignment and windshield professionals

  • 15 Years of Experience in Vehicle Safety Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Technology.

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ADAS Glass, Collision and Alignment Calibrations -  - Same Day Calibrations - Evening and Weekend Hours


Mobile ADAS Calibrations Serving All of Columbia and the Midlands.
Calibrations from $90

  • Service Centers/Shops - We guarantee that our services are revenue-positive for you.

  • Certified, Insured (and insurance company approved). With Warranty.

  • Are you thinking of bringing ADAS in-house? We can help, and provide training and support as you ramp up your ADAS ability.

  • Locally Owned. We believe in relationships -  call anytime for parts/glass compatibility assistance. EVEN IF YOU AREN"T A CUSTOMER!

  • Certificates of Calibration Delivered Instantly

  • Cameras, Radar, Sonar, LiDAR

ADAS Sonar and Radar. A calibrated ADAS On Call Calibration vehicle.

We offer more than just camera calibrations. We calibrate RADAR, SONAR, LIDAR, and flash new equipment with adaptation values into vehicle component systems. We also do alignment calibration, and full system integrity checks., All this with rates starting as low as $90 for dynamic calibrations. These are all offered as MOBILE services. We are experienced and knowledgeable ADAS professionals.

OEMs are now "recommending" that calibration should be a component of alignment in many ADAS-equipped vehicles.  The is well founded. These critical safety systems will not perform optimally if the vehicle changes its axis by even .5 of a degree.


Matthew Kobal, a regional VP at Glass America, recently wrote about the relationship between calibration and alignment on LinkedIn. 


What's optimal? Is it that much different than acceptable?

At 100ft (5-6 car lengths), that .05 of a degree translates into about 12" of drift. 12"'s a little less than the profile of a medium-sized dog. Or a small child.

We are also happy to help our collision and windshield customers with ADAS related workflow and job or vehicle specific questions during a repair. Our customers are encouraged to call with ADAS installation questions, camera removal issues, or even part compatibility on a windshield or sensor.

For aftermarket/custom businesses - if a vehicle has had ride height modifications (i.e. lifted or lowered), we can recalibrate for full ADAS functionality at the new ride height! 

Get This....

Lifted truck adas calibration



ADAS calibration graphic

What is ADAS?

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assist Systems

vrhicle radar and cameras

Okay, that doesn't tell us a lot. There are systems...related to assisting drivers....and they are...... advanced?


My grandfather used to tell me that if I couldn't tell him what something did in 30 seconds, either I didn't know, or it didn't do anything.

Alright, Pop-Pop, how's this:


ADAS uses cameras, radar, sonar, and even active night vision to identify things we don't see or can't anticipate in time. It sees something bad before it happens.


 It can warn a driver, and if that bad thing is happening RIGHT NOW, it can do something about it faster than green grass through a goose.

93% of 2024 model year vehicles will have some form of ADAS as standard equipment. As drivers become increasingly familiar with ADAS functions, they will become - are already becoming - dependent on them. Performing 95% from optimal, 95% of the time is not enough. Because somewhere in those last percentages, people get hurt - or worse.

Adas on Call mobile calibration phone

"It's a never-ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. ..."

dale earnhardt signature

Are You Missing Out On Calibration Revenue? Are There Risks In Avoiding Calibrations?

The Answer Is Likely YES.

  • Body Shop Business reports that the collision industry is missing 75% of the needed calibrations.

  • Most OEMs now require an ADAS calibration when a panel with a sensor is replaced. On ADAS-equipped vehicles, this is frequently the grill and both bumpers.

  • Liability exposure and customer complaints are only two of the potential pitfalls of leaving these uncalibrated.

  • Changes to thrust angles, steering angle sensor adjustment, or replacement often require calibration

  • ADAS On Call rates are well below insurance-approved rates for calibration, allowing for a markup in the service.

  • Subaru Dealers currently charge between $500-$700 for an ADAS calibration, VW can charge as much as $1200.

  • ADAS on Call rates are as low as $185 for any Subaru or VW, and less for Ford and GM products. We are a mobile service and will work around your schedule. We do not require any shop space and are insured for all calibration liability including your property, and any vehicle we are calibrating - including dynamic (on the road) calibrations

  • We are insurance-approved, and certified. Our calibrations include Pre and post-calibration scans, required by most insurers 

  • If your shop needs information on the ADAS systems and OEM recommended and required calibrations, call or email us with the vehicle information and we will provide an up-to-date report from the OEM.

Adas on Call mobile calibration phone



Whenever an ADAS sensor’s aiming is disrupted in any way, an ADAS calibration is required. Disruption can happen during a collision, even a minor fender bender, or as a result of common services like windshield replacement, suspension repair, or wheel alignment.

  • After Minor Collision

  • Collision Repair

  • Windshield or Side View Mirror Replacement

  • Suspension Repairs

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Sensor/Mounting Bracket Replacement

  • Change In Ride Height or Tire Size

  • Related DTC Is Present

  • Front Airbag Deployment If Deflected Off Windshield

  • ADAS-related TSBs/Manufacturer Position Statement Requirements* 

  • Mechanical Procedures Like Radiator and Condenser Repairs That Require Removal of Front-Mounted Sensors

Letter From The Owner

I have spent 20 years in, around, and under cars. Much of that was in aftermarket and independent service centers. 

A shop of any kind - auto glass, paint and body, or service center - is a special place for me.  I do not take lightly the trust and responsibility associated with the ADAS work on your customer's vehicle. We are committed, without exception, to your business your customer, and their vehicle. 

So many things can go wrong in a repair - incorrect parts and part numbers, difficult customers, insurance denials. An ADAS calibration shouldn't be one of them.

The success of my business is dependent on the success of yours. We work around your schedule and customize invoicing to suit your needs. Contact me directly at 803-814-4084, or

Very Sincerely

Travis Simpkins

Owner, ADAS On Call

Columbia SC


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